at the Islands of the World Fashion Showcase, 
May 15, 2019 in New York
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Vanity Fair Italia:
Haiti, fashion is the future

On sidewalks, in workshops where blackouts are the order of the day, in the markets of big cities but also in the most remote rural communities, such as the Vallée-de-Jacmel, famous for the sophistication of embroidery, creativity is expressed in thousand shapes. From papier-mache masks to paintings, to decorations made of beads, stones and sequins, to the flags and images that are a fundamental part of the voodoo rituals (style of life and religion practiced by 80% of the population, the popular district of Bel -Air is the fulcrum in the capital), everything becomes inspiration and inspiration for the Haitian creators who then turn those solicitations into fashion.


In 2012, the Center Haïtien d'Appui et de Promotion d'Entreprises (Chape) launched an ambitious program to promote the sector, with a part of funds coming from the European Union. The intent is to give a dimension


international to local business through the event of Haiti Fashion Week and the fashion school that inspired it, Mod'Ayiti. A golden opportunity for the supply chain, for the country, but also for the entire area, given that the fifth edition, organized from 28 to 31 January, attracted about forty Caribbean designers such as David André, Nicholas D'Aurizio and Persida Louison, as well as a representation of the United States as guests of honor, and French and African brands, who marched on the theme "Fashion and innovation".

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